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The Trust strives to provide a place and opportunity for dialogue and consultation and mechanism to reach youth, about beliefs and spirituality within the areas of Theology, Public Policy and the Environment

The Segelberg Trust was originally established in 1984 by the         Reverend Doctor Eric Segelberg to assist academic studies and research, particularly relating to studies in theology and church matters, and to promote the education and the Christian religion generally.

In 1995, the Segelberg Trust refocused its objectives to promote theological conferences, religious education, music study, and in particular, reaching out to youth who might not otherwise be exposed to the contributions of spirituality and formal religion.

Originally the trust was founded by Rev. Dr. Fr. Eric Segelberg with the original trustees being David Stuewe, Solveig Warren and Fr. Robert Warren. 31 years later and the trust moves from strength to strength with a compliment of 4 trustees, 2 supporting designate and hundreds of volunteers.

Today our trustees are;

Dr. David Stuewe (Chair)                      Fred Warren

Dr. Jan Buley                                       Fr. David Garrett

Fr. Peter Harris                                   James Stuewe (designate)

Trustee Emeritus Rev. Robert Warren

A bit more about the trust

The Segelberg Trust’s activities are generally concentrated in and around the Anglican diocese of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

Projects already funded by the Segelberg Trust include:


▪ YMCA’s Big Cove Camp, Nova Scotia, Canada

▪ St. Michael’s Youth Conference

▪ University Lecture Series at Dalhousie University in Halifax,

  Nova Scotia, Canada

▪ Atlantic Theological Conference

▪ King’s Kids Atlantic Canada, Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada

▪ Youth Storytelling Program

▪ St. George’s YouthNet, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


For details on how to apply for funding, see the grants pages.

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Before applying

Those wishing to apply for funding, should keep in mind the following:






If you've been successful we'd love to get an update on how you've got on with your project.

Recognition of the support for the project from Segelberg Trust should be noted in event publications and any public event supported by the donation .

Apply for a grant

Application deadline

Completed applications must be submitted by e-mail to, by midnight, December 1st each year.


Conditions of Funding

Those carrying out the project must assume liability for their work, but they are advised that the funding from the Segelberg Trust will be stopped if the project appears to be inappropriate or outside of the normal domain of the Segelberg Trust’s activities. The Segelberg Trust assumes no liability for the projects themselves or the Segelberg Trust’s ability or inability to fund a project.  This is considered the responsibility of those who propose the work.

Download the application form from here:



Word Document:



▪ Funding is limited to one third of the total cost of the project.

▪ Trustees will expect to see co-funding being sought or available before considering the project.

▪ The Trust strives to provide a place and opportunity for dialogue and consultation and mechanism to reach youth, about beliefs and spirituality within the areas of Theology, Public Policy and the Environment

▪ Funding for projects may only be offered for three consecutive years.

The Segelberg Trust welcomes charitable donations.


All contributions will be acknowledged and combined to the general Trust funds and used for outreach projects, unless designated specifically by the donor.


To make a donation, please e-mail for details:




Friends of Big Cove Camp Donations can be sent to “Friends of Big Cove Camp Segelberg Trust”.  The charitable number is 119253631. Please e-mail for further details.


For further contact details please refer to the Get in touch page on this site.


The Segelberg Trust welcomes your comments, questions, and feedback.


We can be contacted by the following methods with regards to the Segelberg Trust, our work, and funding.


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    twitter: @SegelbergTrust

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